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Thomas J. Cashman
Post Graduate Scholarship

This scholarships is awarded to college students to support post-graduate education in environmentally-related fields of study.  Prior undergraduate winners are encouraged to apply for continued financial support.

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2022 GLA EEF Graduate scholar.JPG

Douglas Reuss, 2022 Thomas J. Cashman Post Graduate Scholar

Area of Study: Environmental Law

How much is the scholarship award?

The Post Gradate scholarship award can be as much as $5,000.

The Foundation generally awards one Post Graduate Scholarships each year.

Graduate students can apply for this funding every year.

Who can apply?
These scholarships were established to benefit students from the Geneva Lake area.

You may apply if...

  • you live in the Geneva Lake area in the past - or are a current resident

  • you currently are enrolled in - or have applied to - a graduate program in an accredited college or university

  • you are in an environmentally-oriented program

  • you are, or will be, considered by the college or university to be at minimum at half-time student

  • you have an academic record that indicates your readiness for the rigors of graduate education

  • you can demonstrate how your course of study will equip you to succeed in an environmentally-focused career

  • EEF undergraduate scholars are encouraged to apply for continuing financial support

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