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Environmental Education Foundation (EEF) Grant Program

Mission:  The mission of the EEF Grant Program is to provide resources to equip and inspire scholars in our target school districts to pursue environmentally-focused professions and projects that help our Geneva Lake community understand and protect our environment.


1) Tap on the "Budget Worksheet" button and follow the instructions.

2) Tap on the "Application" button - fill out all the fields,

    upload your budget... and

3) Submit!

Budget and Awards:  

$10,000 is available each year.

$1,000 grant is the usual award.  $5,000 award is the maximum.

Timeline: Applications will be accepted throughout the year.  

The Scholarship and Grants Committee will review applications quarterly and forward their recommendations to the EEF Board.

The Board will review and award grants at their quarterly meetings.

Grants will be ceremonially awarded and celebrated at the EEF summer meeting.

Eligibility: Schools, governmental entities, and non-profit (501-C3) groups are eligible for grant awards.

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