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2023 Williams Bay graduation wide shot with Principal Soley-Johnson.jpeg

2023 EEF Scholarship Winners

In 2023, the Environmental Education Foundation awarded scholarships to six area high school scholars, continued scholarship support to six students pursuing undergraduate degrees, and two in the process of earning advanced degrees.

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Thomas E. Reynolds Jr. Gateway Technical College Scholarship

In 2023, the EEF awarded the first Thomas E. Reynolds Jr. Gateway Technical College Scholarship to Paige Foley.

This Badger High School graduate will be applying this award to her studies in Greenhouse Management.

Thomas J. Cashman Post Graduate Scholarship

In 2023, two scholars were awarded the Cashman Scholarship.

Sam Ahler (Badger HS, UW Madison) is pursing a doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Douglas Reuss (Badger HS, UW Madison) is in his second year at U of St. Thomas Law School, focused on environmental law.

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2023 Ahler Sam Post Grad.png

Thomas E. Reynolds Scholars

In addition to this year's winner of the Thomas E. Reynolds Endowment Scholarship, the foundation also continues to support prior winners through their college careers.

Those scholars are Amanda Bender (Plant Pathology, UW-Madison), Ave Beyers (Geo & Environmental Studies, Carthage College) and Melissa Konkle (Microbiology & Dairy Science, UW- Madison). 

Continuing Undergraduate Support

EEF Undergraduate College Scholarships

Three scholars who were awarded EEF High School Scholarships in the past were awarded continuing support in 2023. 

Those scholars are Jaiden Lauer (Aquatic Biology, UW- LaCrosse), Camryn Johnston (Agri-business, UW- Plattville) and Jacob Kuhnke (Eco-System Restoration and Management, UW- Stevens Point).

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