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The Mission of the Environmental Education Foundation is to award educational scholarships and grants to area students and schools for environmental-centered studies and to promote environmental awareness to all ages of the Geneva Lake area.

The Environmental Education Foundation was founded in 1980 as an affiliate of the Geneva Lake Association (GLA). During its lengthy history, the Foundation has awarded more than $500,000 in college scholarships, camping and outdoor education awards to over hundreds of lake area youth, from 5th grade through graduate school. Over the years, the Foundation assets and income have grown from consistent support of area residents, allowing the EEF to annually award more than $45,000 to deserving students in the Geneva Lake area.

The EEF has a unique and distinct focus that promotes and financially supports environmental education experiences for Geneva Lake area youth.

The Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, tax exempt 501 (c) (3) organization, governed by a Board of Directors and By-laws.


Promoting environmental awareness in the Geneva Lakes area. 

The Environmental Education Foundation has an unwavering passion to support the multi-generational love of our beautiful lakes area.  We have a rich history of honoring and preserving our environmental features so that future generations of residents and visitors can enjoy them for decades to come! 

EEF's primary focus is to fund scholarships for local students going into environmental fields of study. A number of our scholarship recipients have gone on to serve in remarkable roles within this industry.  You can learn more about this program by visiting the Scholarships page. 

In addition to Scholarships, EEF offers grants to local schools for the Outdoor Education program.  A beloved program by school-children, Outdoor Education exposes children to an overnight camp experience and gives them real life, hands-on experience in the outdoor classroom!

Finally, the Foundation supports hands-on research conducted by local recognized experts and organizations giving local students opportunities to gain experiences in formal scientific studies. Contact the EEF with projects that might be considered for funding.

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