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Charlotte Peterson Outdoor Education Grants

As part of the Environmental Education Foundation's (EEF) mission to award educational scholarships and grants to area students and schools for environmental awareness, the Foundation has been supporting environmental education in the Geneva Lake area for more than 25 years.

Since 2006, the EEF has helped provide outdoor education experiences to our area elementary and middle school students.  Tight budgets and less funding have cut into the ability of schools to sustain previous levels of Outdoor Education experiences, and some schools have had to scale back or eliminate these wonderful programs altogether.  The EEF offers financial assistance to all Geneva Lake elementary schools feeding into the Big Foot, Badger, Williams Bay, and Faith Christian High Schools to help preserve outdoor education experiences for all students.

You can apply online.  Start by clicking the button below.

Charlotte Peterson was a local resident with a rich history in the Geneva Lake area. In addition to being a school teacher for many years and serving on numerous boards and committees throughout the Geneva Lake Community, she was a great resource on the local history.


The Charlotte Peterson Outdoor Education Grants keep the spirit of Charlotte alive through by educating and inspiring youth through learning experiences with the wonder of the natural world and our environment.   Since the majority of Geneva Lake elementary schools receive EEF grants, Charlotte Peterson's legacy lives on through the hundreds of children these programs engage.

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